Jamie Sapsford

Jamie Sapsford, Director Airport Service Delivery, is an aviation industry management professional with over 20 years’ experience in regulatory compliance, aviation safety, corporate risk, product and service quality, occupational health, safety and environment, and large contract management.


He is a qualified ISO 9000 series lead auditor, private pilot and air traffic contoller.


In 1995, Mr. Sapsford became one of the first local air traffic controllers at the L.F. Wade International Airport, and in 2001, assumed the role of Air Traffic Control Services Manager. In 2007, Mr. Sapsford was appointed General Manager of BAS-Serco’s aviation division, overseeing the primary aviation services contract at the airport including air traffic control, air traffic engineering, meteoological and weather services and airport infrastructure maintenance services. He is a graduate of Kingston University, Surrey United Kingdom. Mr. Sapsford is also an elected Councilor of the Corporation of St. George having served since 2013.