Redevelopment Project

Activities of the Airport Redevelopment Unit are at the centre of the Bermuda Airport Authority’s mission: To ensure safe, efficient and sustainable operations. The Airport Redevelopment Unit provides technical oversight of the existing and new airport terminal construction and operations.


The redevelopment of the L.F. Wade International Airport terminal is a 40-month project. In addition to the new two-story airport terminal building, the project includes expansion of the airfield for aircraft parking and a landscaped entrance featuring endemic flora and fauna.


As overseer of the new airport terminal development, the Authority reviews design submittals and monitors construction to ensure that contractual obligations are met as set out in the Project Agreement. With the support of the Technical Committee of the Board, a committee that includes two professional engineers and a retired Director of Civil Aviation, the Authority focuses on the detail of all technical specifications and quality assurances for compliance.


The Authority’s technical staff work with independent professional specialist consultants, as required, to verify financial compliance and provide assurance that contractual specifications are being fulfilled within the timelines, budget and quality standards.


The Bermuda Airport Authority is also collaborating with the airport designers and the local community to determine a “Sense of Place” in the interior design features of the new building. Representatives of the Authority are continuing to meet with a cross-section of the community to glean thoughts on how the essence of Bermuda can be captured in the design of the new airport terminal through colour, textures, shapes and patterns, as well as artistic and cultural displays.