Wendell Burchall

Wendell Burchall, Director Airport Redevelopment, has over 40 years’ local and international experience in the aviation industry. His aviation career began at London’s Heathrow Airport where he worked with BOAC/British Airways to achieve his engineering qualifications. He returned to Bermuda in 1978 and worked as an Overseas Station Engineer. In 1984, Mr. Burchall joined Saudi Arabian Airlines, Royal Fleet as Senior Licenced Engineer.


Prior to joining the Bermuda Airport Authority, Mr. Burchall was Manager, Maintenance and Engineering at the Bermuda Department of Airport Operations (DAO) for 18 years.

Tanecia Barnett Burgess

Tanecia Barnett Burgess

Tanecia Barnett Burgess is Director of Human Resources. She brings more than 10 years’ of HR management experience to Bermuda Airport Authority, aligning HR policies and initiatives with the Airport Authority’s business strategy. Her role is to ensure HR effectively supports the people management functions in order to achieve and maintain a high performance culture, with emphasis on development, empowerment and collaboration.


Prior to joining the Airport Authority, Mrs. Barnett Burgess worked with the Government of Bermuda alongside senior members of the Civil Service to deliver a range of comprehensive HR services. 



James Campbell

James Campbell Director, PPP Project has over 25 years’ of project management experience including working with the National Health Service in the UK and ten years with the Bermuda Hospitals Board (BHB).


In 2006, Mr. Campbell established BHB’s capital planning and project management function where he successfully delivered several capital renovation projects. Beginning in 2009, he led the planning and procurement of the new acute care wing at King Edward VII Memorial Hospital under a P3 delivery framework.

Dr. Mark Guishard

Dr. Guishard

Dr. Guishard is the Director of the Bermuda Weather Service, a business unit of the Bermuda Airport Authority. He is a Chartered Meteorologist, with 20 years’ of experience with atmospheric sciences. His research into Atlantic hurricanes and subtropical storms led him to obtain a PhD in Meteorology from Penn State University in the US, following a Master’s degree from the University of East Anglia in the UK.


Dr. Guishard has a long history with the Bermuda Weather Service, having been a Meteorological Forecaster since 1997, and previously serving as Director 2006-2012.

ari ming

Ari Ming

Ari Ming is the Director of Airport Redevelopment (Technical) for the Bermuda Airport Authority, overseeing the technical aspects of the construction of the new airport passenger terminal building and the efficient and effective operations of the new and existing airport terminal facilities.


A professional architect, Mr. Ming joined the Airport Authority in 2018 on secondment from the Government of Bermuda’s Ministry of Works and Engineering, serving as Airport Redevelopment Manager.