Wendell Burchall

Wendell Burchall, Airport Redevelopment Consultant, has over 40 years’ local and international experience in the aviation industry. His aviation career began at London’s Heathrow Airport where he worked with BOAC/British Airways to achieve his engineering qualifications. He returned to Bermuda in 1978 and worked as an Overseas Station Engineer. In 1984, Mr. Burchall joined Saudi Arabian Airlines, Royal Fleet as Senior Licenced Engineer.


Prior to joining the Bermuda Airport Authority, Mr. Burchall was Manager, Maintenance and Engineering at the Bermuda Department of Airport Operations (DAO) for 18 years.


Mr. Burchall had primary responsibility for ensuring the LF Wade International Airport’s complete infrastructure was sound and fully operational at all times. This included overseeing a wide range of maintenance and engineering services, including airport power, infrastructure pavements, and capital and minor works projects.


In addition to DAO projects, Mr. Burchall has also worked closely with other Government Ministries providing maintenance and engineering services and support on several projects.