Bermuda Airport Authority Appoints Justin R. Simons

Date: Wednesday, November 21, 2018 4:00 am

St. George's, Bermuda (Monday, 8 October 2018) - Justin R. Simons recently joined the Bermuda Airport Authority as Director Policy, Performance and Compliance. In his new position, he is working closely with the Authority's functional area staff and Chief Executive Officer to design leadership principles, organisational policies, management practices and performance measures that cultivate a culture of strategic learning and performance. 

Mr. Simons has 10 years experience in internal consulting, policy and process development and strategic planning. Prior to joining the Bermuda Airport Authority, he worked as part of the Bermuda Business Development Agency's Concierge Service, managing client relationships for Bermuda, Inc. and developing internal processes and metrics to improve performance. Mr. Simons career has included investigating financial crime at a Bermuda bank, leading strategic planning exercises for multiple US-based non-profits and developing a knowledge and information management programme for Bermuda's Civil Service. 

Mr. Simons has a Master of Public Policy Degree from Duke University and earned his Bachelor of Arts with a double-major in Anthropology and Economics from Trinity University in San Antonio, Texas.

The Bermuda Airport Authority owns the L.F. Wade International Airport on behalf of the Government of Bermuda. The Authority has contracted with Bermuda Skyport Corporation Limited, through a 30-year public private partnership agreement to redevelop and operate the L.F. Wade International Airport. The Authority oversees the performance of Skyport over the contract term, delivers certain retained Government services and regulates airport fees.