About Us

The Government of Bermuda established the Bermuda Airport Authority on 2 March 2017 as the owner of the LF Wade International Airport. 


As a body corporate, quasi-autonomous non-governmental organisation (QUANGO), the Airport Authority is governed by the Bermuda Airport Authority Act 2017. Although Government may give general directions, the Authority reports to a Board of Directors that is responsible for the actions and general administration of the Airport Authority’s affairs and business.

What We Do

The Bermuda Airport Authority’s mandate is to protect and advance Bermuda’s interests in the 30-year Public Private Partnership (PPP) Project Agreement for the redevelopment of the air passenger terminal building and its on-going maintenance and operations. Throughout the 40-month construction period, the Airport Authority continuously reviewed and monitored quality control and progress in accordance with standards in the Project Agreement. The Airport Authority’s ongoing responsibilities include oversight of airport operations and maintenance of buildings and facilities at the airport passenger terminal location.


Several air navigation services and regulated activities, not included in the PPP Project Agreement, were retained by the Government of Bermuda and transferred to the Bermuda Airport Authority. These include: Air Traffic Control, Bermuda Weather Service, Air Traffic Engineering and Airport Maintenance Services. The Bermuda Airport Authority has responsibility for Airport Rescue and Firefighting Services, which are provided under a Memorandum of Understanding with the Bermuda Fire and Rescue Services. The Airport Authority also manages a number of key aviation contracts and equipment including US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) assets stationed at Bermuda’s airport. The Bermuda Airport Authority regulates airport fees.


In collaboration with the Government, Bermuda Tourism Authority, the airport operator and related stakeholders, the Bermuda Airport Authority is focused on developing and maintaining sustainable year-round service to the Island.